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Thank you for finding your way to our webpage! We are the Science Friday Class at McGovern Elementary School, which is a program led and designed by a UCAN AmeriCorps member at Umpqua Watersheds, Inc. for 6th grade students. On this website, you can explore the outcomes of our Climate Stewards project, which took place from February through April, 2016 in Winston, Oregon.

This project consisted of two parts: our group project, and our individual projects. The goal of the group project was to collect local weather data in order to compare current data with past weather trends in Winston, while the goal of the individual projects was to investigate some of the causes, effects and solutions for the changes occurring across the globe.

The Climate Stewards Project was designed to support the Next Generation Science Standards. The standards met with this project are identified below.

ESS2.D: Weather and Climate

  • Weather and climate are influenced by interactions involving sunlight, the ocean, the atmosphere, ice, landforms, and living things. These interactions vary with latitude, altitude, and local and regional geography, all of which can affect oceanic and atmospheric flow patterns. (MS-ESS2-6)
  • Because these patterns are so complex, weather can only be predicted probabilistically. (MS-ESS2-5)
  • The ocean exerts a major influence on weather and climate by absorbing energy from the sun, releasing it over time, and globally redistributing it through ocean currents. (MS-ESS2-6)

ESS3.D: Global Climate Change

  • Human activities, such as the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, are major factors in the current rise in Earth’s mean surface temperature (global warming). Reducing the level of climate change and reducing human vulnerability to whatever climate changes do occur depend on the understanding of climate science, engineering capabilities, and other kinds of knowledge, such as understanding of human behavior and on applying that knowledge wisely in decisions and activities. (MS-ESS3-5)
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